How to drive Facebook live

As I scrolled through my Facebook updates this morning a regular user of facebook live had posted a question about how frequently it should be used.

This got me thinking, Like so many things we have around us today, Facebook & Facebook live are both tools, or vehicles, which can be driven in a number of different ways.

One of the answers posed, was, and frankly I agree with the sentiment, use it as often as you have something useful to say. Which I think is a great point AND when there is something to say we have to give some thought to our audience. 

The joy of Facebook live is that it is both current and long lasting. So it is current, in that those of your tribe who are around, available and interested can watch what you have to say as you say it. 

It is also long lasting as the recording can be saved and shared ensuring that others in your tribe and in the tribes of those who comment on your post can see it for days and longer into the future.

Like so many tools today, I think there is also value in using it as a means of generating conversations within the tribe, to enable people to ask questions and to encourage discussion.

Consistency is also a powerful tool. So if your always Facebook living at 9.30 on a Friday, you will find that your tribe will start to drop in on you as you maintain a consistent rhythm.

Ultimately the key thing is to use it as best suits you and your tribe, choose what works, give it a try and see what response you get, then adjust as appropriate. Enjoy it, it can be both enjoyable and valuable to all who will take that first step.

A new year with a new perspective…

Having a paradigm shift is a rare occurrence, one of those things you rarely expect to happen and yet when a wonderful friend of mine suggested that I read 2 books by the same author, I sensed there was going to be a change…  Here are the reviews I wrote having read them for the first time

Clarity: Clear Mind, Better Performance, Bigger Results 

by Jamie Smart   Link:

I read, more than many, I write reviews, it’s a joy and a passion of mine, yet having just finished reading this book i am as close to speechless as I have been in a long time.
Groundbreaking, life changing, eye opening all feels like words too easily used and yet… when… because I don’t think it is a matter of if, the world starts to understand the implications of this book then we will see change on a global scale.
If your looking for the next action plan, the next way to tackle your to do list, if your wanting to find the next way to make your millions, then I have good news and bad news. This book is for you – that’s the good news, it may not tell you what you want to hear but it will tell you what you need to hear. That’s the bad news.
This is no secret, you don’t have to search between the pages to find the answers, however where the answers lie may surprise you. I suspect it will release you from chains which have bound you – I discovered some I was not even aware of. It will free you to live life as you had never expected to and it catapults you into a future which is likely to be more exciting than you could have dreamed of.
Give yourself the gift of the possible, pick up this book and enjoy the clarity which it promises you – you will not be disappointed
Results: Think Less. Achieve More by Jamie Smart Results: Think Less. Achieve More 

by Jamie Smart  Link:

Results – Think Less, Achieve more

When I turned the first page of Jamie’s book, ok when I swiped my finger across the screen for the 1st time, (Kindle reading works best for me). I knew I was in for a treat! The foreword alone had me salivating but nothing could prepare me for what was to come.

So you are a surgeon and your hands are covered in blood, you need to move on to your next patient and therefore you go and scrub clean before you start… Obvious right? Maybe for you today, but not if you went back a few hundred years.

This book is as radical a thought (and yet will I believe in due course – contain de-facto information that everyone takes for granted) as the idea of having to wash your hands before surgery was to doctors in days of old. It will transform your life AND the good news is that it will not ADD to your to do list, in fact in many ways it may subtract from the many things you have thought you needed to DO in order to achieve the results you want.

I am less than 12 hours from finishing the book (I finished it at 3.30am on New Years Day before heading off to bed bringing the last day of 2016 to an end during the early hours) already the way I think is different – some of the interactions I have had with others has changed and I have only been through the book once.

I am hungry for more understanding of the concepts in the book, this will come with time and utilisation of the material on the authors website, as well as interaction with others who I know are reading or have read the book.

I can point to a number of key events in my life that have been milestones, I know reading this book will be one of those. I can’t wait to put it’s advise to good use and to watch 2017 become the first year of the rest of my life. I have more clarity, more anticipation, less anxiety and so much more belief in the possible than I did only a matter of hours ago. It’s frighteningly simple and yet totally ground breaking.

I am already recommending it directly to friends and associates, and saying to put it at the top of the reading list, you will read any other book in light of this book not the other way around. I guarantee it!

I suspect this year will be significantly impacted by the learnings in these books and I look forward to sharing those with you.  Until then I can’t reccommend you read these enough – in fact I would be so bold as to suggest that you don’t read anything else until you have read these – they will provide a lens through which all others are better understood.

Journal and review 

I rarely share what I write in my journal, however with today being my birthday I thought I would accept my journals offer of reviewing my posts from previous years. 

Last years post reads like this…

Dave (Bull) prayed and said that he saw God was removing the scaffolding on something new that he has been building beneath the scaffolding – the scaffolding was covering what it was building.

Compassion – God has given me a deep compassion and will use that in the new things he is doing
Hosea 6:1-3
A Call to Repentance“Come, let us return to the Lord. He has torn us to pieces; now he will heal us. He has injured us; now he will bandage our wounds. In just a short time he will restore us, so that we may live in his presence. Oh, that we might know the Lord! Let us press on to know him. He will respond to us as surely as the arrival of dawn or the coming of rains in early spring.”

Well I would say that is being fulfilled in these days, that a year down the line that scaffolding has been removed.

So let me encourage you and encourage me, journal more, record your successes and your challenges, your prayers and your dreams… then reflect and see how many have been answered

Life is a team sport… may I unpack that a little with you?

You, like me may have heard this word of wisdom before.  I think it’s a good analogy, yet I think there is so much more to gain from it when you dig a little below the surface.

You can choose who is on your team

Sometimes we can forget this important fact.  No matter what you really can choose who is in your life.  At it’s worst there are times when we have to create a little distance between ourselves and our family members when abuse is taking place.  It is also worth taking a little time, maybe even with a pen and paper to draw out your team.  To recognise those who are with you on the field of play, those who are sitting on the bench, the back room staff who are there to go to during the breaks in the play, your fans who are there to cheer you on when you need some encouragement you, maybe even to hold you accountable and holler from the sidelines that they expect more from you.

The reason I want to suggest putting it on paper is that you may find you have forgotten some of the people who are in your support network who might benefit from knowing how much you value the imput that they have in your life.  Sometimes the people who have a significant impact on our lives will not know that unless we tell them.  It might just make their day…

You can substitute players in the middle of a game

The key word in the sentence is the word “can”. I think so often we feel that we have to muddle through with what we have.  Life is all about choices, its about changing the one and only person that we can – ourselves, and as part of that process sometimes we have to make choices about the people who’s relationship with us is serving us and those who may be dragging us down.

It’s worth remembering that when someone comes off the field of play they are not out of the game completely.  It is simply that they don’t need to be on the field of play at this time.

You may have to bring someone else onto the field at short notice.

So often we can assume people will always be with us on the field of play.  Sadly life has a way of throwing curve balls, and sometimes we need to be able to call on others.  Perhaps for those people on your field of play it’s worth taking a moment to ask what would happen if the worst happened.  In a business context this is vital from a contingency point of view and when making sure you know where projects are at.

There are people on the field of play, on the bench, in the locker room and those you train with between games

As you look at those people in your team, it is so easy to focus just on the field of play, however like all teams there are often many people who contribute to your success on the field who may never even step into the stadium.  Whether you interact with them on social media or simply only see them from time to time.

There is an opposing team

This is important to remember and to keep in proportion.  You see I do believe there is opposition, not everyone wants you to win and that is totally normal.  However they don’t get the last word!  Many many people want you to win, and when you focus on the ones who want you to win you have a much better chance on getting successfully through this thing called life.

Sooo you see…

I love the privilage of participating in peoples teams, wherever they need me, I would love to know your thoughts on the analogy and what success you have with writing your team down.

What is friendship 

If your anything like me, you will have spent some times in your life pondering the question, who are my friends?

The modern world has changed so much, and one of the key words which have been mounded to mean something new is the word friend.  You know what I mean… I’m your friend, well yes we are connected on Facebook but does that make us friends??

We work together, does that make us friends?  We know each other through our businesses, does that make us friends?  

I am blessed with the most amazing network.  Many many of whom I consider my friends.  I also have a much smaller network of people who I know if I needed to call on them for any reason, they would be there for me to the absolute best of their ability often at a cost to themselves.  I think for me that is the acid test.

Friendship for me is something that costs.  It may cost your time, it may cost your energy and often it will cost your money as well.

It’s equally important to stop making assumptions about friendships.  We all need good close friendships, and having a wide number of connections may not always mean that someone feels like they have a lot of friends.   As I was reminded sometimes the most outwardly popular people are the ones who are struggling the most with connectivity and a sence of good close friends.  We only have to think of Robin Williams, there was a man who to the outside world I am sure looked like he had many friends…   We each have the opportunity to come alongside others and be a good friend.   You already know that I think this will cost you, it may be inconvenient at times – but it will also pay you,  maybe not financially but so often in ways you can never imagine.  

To those who I am privileged to have in my life as friends, and you know who you are – thank you!  Not just for the ones who come alongside me when I need it, but as much and maybe sometimes more to those of you who are willing to metaphorically strip down to your underwear and allow me to stand beside and support you in what your going through.

So who can you come alongside today, who can you reach out to – what can you do….. PLEASE – do something, however small and do it today!  
Thank you…  your friend, if not now, then soon, I hope!

Is everything ok?

As I sit here, waiting to share lunch with my father and catch up on life, (don’t panic he’s not arrived yet). I got to thinking.

The man opposite me is on his second glass of wine and enjoying some cheesy chips with them… it was then that the idea struck me. The new waiter, yes I know he’s new because he has just been shown around the pub and advised which tables he is responsible for… came up to my friend and asked him how his cheesy chips were?
Ok so if it was a full meal we might have expected it, but the thought occurred to me, how often do we check in with our clients and see if they are enjoying working with us??
How much additional value could we deliver, how many challenges might we overcome, how many opportunities might we get to up-sell or cross-sell.
Do we wait till the end? Do we wait for them to complain or do we take the proactive approach and ask the question…

The power of Hope…

Land of Hope and Glory… The flags wave, the tears fall, the memories of all those lovely summer evenings spent listening to beautiful music, the strictly prom with all the sparkles?  Maybe thoughts turning to the new season, to the changes of the leaves from green to brown?  The unfortunate need to wear long trousers, and maybe even a jumper?  Tell me my friend…  Where are you emotionally today.

You see, Elgar, reminds us that we are to be a land of Hope… I think it is so easy to forget the importance and value to hope.  We live in a world that can often feel hopeless.  We watch our television screens as day after day events in our world, our land can make us feel hopeless…

Hope is a Gift, and sometimes it can take something as little as a smile across the crowded carriage to spark hope into the person who feels no one cares.  So to those of you who struggle with the idea of hopelessness, who have not had a season in your lives where things have felt hopeless, be greatful… If however you are all too familiar with hopelessness, then may I encourage you to find hope wherever it may be.  Sometimes we have to consciously magnify opportunities for finding hope.  

As the Autumn starts to take a hold and as the nights draw in, let us take a moment to think of those around us.  To ensure that we can be proud to live in a land that for so many is summed up in the words of Elgar, that aspire to be a land filled with Hope.

W.D.C. Just put your food waste into your black bin…. Really???

Yep – that is apparently the new instruction…Those poor little food waste boxes have a rough deal!  

Or at least our bin did…  

Recycling has been something which has become part of our daily routine in our house – left over food waste goes in the little bin in the kitchen and then ever so often it gets emptied into the bigger bin which is then…. Sorry you really don’t need to know all that…

Except for the fact that when our bigger bin got damaged when being emptied one week I then forgot week after week to get it mended and replaced..  Last week it went missing.  I suspect it ended up with the rest of the rubbish but that would be a guess…  

So today I dutifully called the council to enquire about having it replaced.  I was advised by a lovely lady that I could pay £5 and get a replacement bin delivered to me – or I could drive to Amersham and pay £4.  I explained that as I had not caused the damage or the loss of the bin that maybe it would be reasonable to have it paid for by  them, however what was said next took me back…

If you don’t wish to pay for a replacement then just put what would have been in there into the black bin – it’s perfectly OK to do that.  In truth I had to ask her to repeat herself, which she did.  It is perfectly OK for us not to worry about our food waste and to add it to what we put in our black bin…

Hmm I am wondering whether anyone else has a view on that?  

Please note… I would have happily paid the £5 for the replacement but if they don’t care…. Should I???

Work across platforms??… don’t force your community to do the same

Morning all

Something occurred to me this morning and I thought I would share it with you – I am guessing I am not the only one that feels this way.

I work across a number of platforms, I use twitter, linkedin, facebook, the phone, email.

I just removed the word “(Occasionally)” in brackets from one of those words… This is my point. Some people will be very comfortable in the Twittersphere, but don’t really use facebook. Others will be linkedin heads but can’t understand why you would use twitter. Some would consider their email to be the only way to communicate properly…

So my thought for today is, be willing to respond to people using their choice of medium. Don’t tell someone on twitter that they should connect with you on Facebook and engage on twitter first. Likewise for some Email is a wonderful thing, others can’t stand it. Once you have built up a relationship you can then suggest that they think about connecting in other places to be better exposed to all that your doing.

So keep connecting, keep sharing, keep making people feel special and then you will find you have a vibrant community who love you and what your about.


The picture above has lived with me for some time, almost feeling that as beautiful a picture as it is – (My thanks to Dianna Bonner for her kind permission to use her images this year.) words were unlikely to come to me that would adequately relate to the picture, but this morning I knew to be different.

The last 24 hours or so got me thinking a lot about success, how some days can feel like we are able to change the world when actually only little things get achieved, and other days (like my day yesterday) when a lot is being achieved and yet it does not feel like it.

For me the key is to ensure that I have both a long and short term view on these things. As many will know I am advocating the use of a journal especially if you can carry it with you then it’s a great place to be able to record your small successes. The more we focus on those things we do well or those things we learn and grow with then we can build on that and boom – we will be in a very different place from that where we started.

As you travel through this day


Focus on the people. Make them feel special. Take the time to provide encouragement and see what a difference that can make.

Have fun!