Challenged – by Anneka Rice – Ipad Drawing app.

June 10, 2012 10:30 am · 1 comment

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Occasionally something gets me wondering and then other people have the same thought and all of a sudden we have a number of us all thinking the same thing.  Well the most recent example of this for me was when watching the most wonderful programme – Rolf Paints the Diamond Jubilee (if you have not seen it yet – do have a look in the next 2 days as I understand it will soon no longer be available on Iplayer )

The Ipad is such a wonderful tool and as someone who would love to draw I am always impressed when I see an app that makes that a possibility.  On the programme Anneka showed some drawings she had done on the Ipad and was able to take us back through how the drawing came about.

I went through the following steps to try and find out what the app was.  Firstly I found out that anneka has a twitter account – so I tweeted that.  Sadly from the look of things she is not a regular user.  I then went to the Iplayer page above and found a link to her website.  Here there was a contact me option.  I have sent her an email and hopefully will be able to respond to that.

I finally decided to have a look around and found several people who had put together lists of apps for artists etc.  So far the most likely app I have found is this one “Layers for Ipad”  It appears to enable you to see the entire history.

So do share if you know of apps which are useful for people doing arty things, and I will of course add any correspondence I get to confirm what the app was.

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