Flowers are flowers? Or so I thought… 

It’s saturday morning, my wife is in hospital, and hoping to come home today. I’m flying around like a blue… well you know what I mean. After all I have decided that before I pick her up I will have all the christmas shopping done.

It is at this moment that I have a brain wave…. TULIPS!
You see when you are married to a lady who has a singular love of flowers, by which I mean Tulips go down a storm heads and shoulders above any others. Christmas time is about the start of the season.
They might be in Asda *other supermarkets are available, I thought to myself. However as I was already in Marlow The Flower studio was my chosen destination.
Choosing 2 bunches of tulips and explaining to the lady in the shop my circumstances, she asked if I would like the flowers arranged…. It was at this point I realised something…
Yes I could have gone to a supermarket, albeit when I was in there later in the day the stocks of Tulips had yet to reach their shelves and so I would have been stranded. However the bunch (pictured above) were carefully and kindly put together. They were placed in a bag with enough water to ensure they did not need to be put in a vase while in the hospital and would be able to be easily arranged when we got home.
SO yes I paid a couple of pounds more for the same number of stems, yet the service I received for those flowers meant I will certainly be thinking about where I get my flowers in the future. 

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