Are we too connected?

It’s 9.30 on the first working day of 2017, which I am guessing means you are still fighting your way through all the emails which were delivered into your mailbox while you were away. Thankfully the rest of the world were also largely away too, so my anticipation is that it won’t take too long before you are on top of things.

The other key activity often of the first working day of the year is booking those all-important days off into the office calendar. Ensuring you can enjoy the warm weather, time away with the family, will it mean you are able to switch off from the office?

Today sees the start of a new right for workers in France, what they are calling the “Right to disconnect” means that workers are no longer forced to be available to read and respond to emails outside of working hours.

Some firms are looking at new ways of reducing the mountain of emails when people are away on annual leave, companies such as Daimler are taking things to an extreme by offering it’s the staff the option of turning off their email accounts while they are on annual leave, can you imagine that? Returning to your mailbox to ZERO new messages. 

There is something powerful about this idea to my mind. When we return from time away it forces us to connect to those around us in order to get back up to speed, rather than fighting our way through a mound of messages, some of which have already become ancient history.

So as a new year begins, perhaps it’s a good time to think about how you will get a better balance between work and time away from work

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