Challenged – by Anneka Rice – Ipad Drawing app.

Occasionally something gets me wondering and then other people have the same thought and all of a sudden we have a number of us all thinking the same thing.  Well the most recent example of this for me was when watching the most wonderful programme – Rolf Paints the Diamond Jubilee (if you have not seen it yet – do have a look in the next 2 days as I understand it will soon no longer be available on Iplayer )

The Ipad is such a wonderful tool and as someone who would love to draw I am always impressed when I see an app that makes that a possibility.  On the programme Anneka showed some drawings she had done on the Ipad and was able to take us back through how the drawing came about.

I went through the following steps to try and find out what the app was.  Firstly I found out that anneka has a twitter account – so I tweeted that.  Sadly from the look of things she is not a regular user.  I then went to the Iplayer page above and found a link to her website.  Here there was a contact me option.  I have sent her an email and hopefully will be able to respond to that.

I finally decided to have a look around and found several people who had put together lists of apps for artists etc.  So far the most likely app I have found is this one “Layers for Ipad”  It appears to enable you to see the entire history.

So do share if you know of apps which are useful for people doing arty things, and I will of course add any correspondence I get to confirm what the app was.

A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.

Lao-tzu, much quoted chinese philosopher had it right and so often it’s that first step which is so difficult.  I took another step yesterday by launching this website into the world – thank you for the encouragement and positive comments I have received so far – it’s great to know that it’s an area people can see being of use to them and others that they know!

With it being day two – I would love to be able to help you today, there is nothing so satisfying as the ability to share knowledge and help people get things which they thought were going to be difficult or impossible… with ease.  So lets talk – have a look at the “How I can help” page, there are a number of things there which I hope will provide what you need in terms of getting my help…

It’s still early days so much in the way of products and offerings will come through as a result of interaction with friends, both current and new, needing my help.

Lets talk – get in touch and join me on this wonderful journey

Sort out your piles

If your anything like me you will have a list of things you want to achieve, perhaps a pile of books by the bed, a pile of paperwork which you need to work your way through when you get round to it.

The truth of the matter is that this can happen with your technology too.  When did you last go through your apps on your iphone or ipad and sort them out.  You will be amazed how much time you will save yourself by taking half an hour of your life and getting it organised.

Don’t forget that you can group your icons into folders for easier use.

Ultimately you need to choose those apps you ALWAYS need access to – place these on the bottom bar so they are always available
Those apps which you use the most – place these on the first page which opens up
and then arrange the rest into an order that makes sence to you.

As part of the Companion offering we can ensure that you are making the most of your technology in a whole host of ways which I personalise to your needs.
Do get in touch and lets see how we can best help.

Good luck with those piles!


How we got here – Thankyou’s

Websites are rarely a solo project.  So here’s a few thank you’s

Firstly to Adam Brown (@adamwsbrown) for his mammoth efforts making the wordpress website work.  His passion  for all things webby especially WordPress are 2nd to very few!  Thank you for making this project not just fun to work on but something which really does help communicate a bit of me

Then to Angelina Giorgiou for the wonderful images on the website.  Like so many who work with cameras I prefer to be on the wrong side of a lens.  Thank you for such great shots.

Last but by no means least to Jonathan N Hughes (@wordzupjon)  His passion for helping me not just get my message across but also to ensure it still sounds like me has been inspiring!  Want to see him at his best?

I am so pleased with what we have thus far, am sure it will grow over the next while and look forward to seeing what it becomes.

If anything on this site interests or inspires you please do get in touch – co-creation is another of my passions, lets see how we can work together.