Happy New You!

As I write this, I sit in the gap between my “old” job and my “new’ job,  I am so greatful for the opportunity to spend some time with the family but also to spend some time clearing down, both mentally and physically in readiness for the new challenge.

What is it about turning the page of a new notebook and making the first entry that can bring so much joy.

Life is filled with opportunities to start again, how often do we see all the adverts for diets, goal setting programmes, magazine subscriptions all centred around the beginning of a calendar year.  Then of course there is the academic year and that is before we think of any other faith calendars which may form part of your experience.

What excites me even more is the realisation that each new day and where neccessary, each new moment gives us a chance to draw a line and start again.

So no matter what your situation today, I want to give you the opportunity to decide that today is the beginning of the rest of your life.  It really can be.  Just because things have always been do not mean that they have to continue to be.  Sometimes the decision to change things is all that is required to set you on the road to a whole new life.

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