Sometimes, waiting is the answer

Looking around at the situations a number of my friends are facing I am conscious that actually for many this is proving to be a year already beset by challenge.  One of the things I have been very conscious of is the need to ensure we all take care of ourselves and each other first.  

We all smile, I am sure when we think of the airline steward showing us what will happen in the event of the oxygen levels dropping when thousands of feet in the air, well the reality is folks that sometimes in life you will suddenly realise that the oxygen levels have dropped in life and maybe you need to see the oxygen mask which has dropped from the overhead lockers and is floating around in front of you.  Its at times like this it is also important to remember the instructions which come with this – in the event of them dropping we would ask that you put your own oxygen mask on first before trying to help those around you.

It may be that you find yourself tired or not at your best at various points, and it is when you find yourself at these times it is so important to remember that this too shall pass, that it’s simply a feeling and once you have the right perspective and back in a good place you will be able to navigate to a much better place.

So as you travel through this year, may I encourage you to look after yourself and those around you.  By doing this we can make this a really amazing year and I look forward to finding out all about the exciting things that the year brings. 

One last thing, if there is anything I can do to encourage or support you – please do let me know, it’s one of the things I love to do the most.

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