Such an exciting place – the future

As you may know, I am starting a new job on the 31st of October.

While I am keeping the precise organisation and nature of the job under wraps until then I am really enjoying this week off on holiday before I start the new job.  It’s giving plenty of time for enjoying time with the family and extended family.   I am also using the time to connect with old friends and making some new ones along the way.  That’s the joy of this social media thing.

I have been invited to be interviewed by a number of people for their radio shows, locally and nationally.

I am thinking about some people who I might be able to interview on Facebook Live as a way of getting to know complimentary businesses.

I have created a number of lists of people I want to meet up with and meetings I want to attend.

Yes I have not forgotten that the new organisation will have lots of ideas of their own and people they want me to meet too…

How is your week going, in the words of a wonderful friend of mine – what’s Great in your week, that’s now one of my favourite questions, thanks Sam!

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