That slightly confused and sceptical look when you tell them your not trying to sell anything…

I spent the morning today having a look around the Thames Valley Business and Community Expo.  It was a great opportunity to hear a couple of keynote speakers Brad Burton & Richard Woods.  It was also a good opportunity to catch up with old friends and make some new contacts as well.

As is always the case at these occasions it’s a question of allowing the exhibitors to explain the advantages of using them.  It’s always nice to hear people compliment me on being enthusiastic.  Just occasionally they do ask what it is your doing at the show…   Making Friends was my answer this morning, this got a variety of answers.  Many of which were on the spectrum from confusion to skepticism.  What are you selling?  No really I am selling nothing.  

Explaining that I am on annual leave from one organisation before starting a new job and that I will be in touch once I know a little more about what I am doing, was a great way to connect with new people.  It was funny though while speaking to a database company who clearly only deals with sales people,  there was a real disconnect with the idea of building relationships and not selling…  

The other joyous thing was to get to speak to someone in the early steps of their networking journey and being able to share some of the insights I have gained over the years of networking, and point her in the direction of Stefan’s great books & his facebook group.

How has your day been?

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