How to drive Facebook live

As I scrolled through my Facebook updates this morning a regular user of facebook live had posted a question about how frequently it should be used.

This got me thinking, Like so many things we have around us today, Facebook & Facebook live are both tools, or vehicles, which can be driven in a number of different ways.

One of the answers posed, was, and frankly I agree with the sentiment, use it as often as you have something useful to say. Which I think is a great point AND when there is something to say we have to give some thought to our audience. 

The joy of Facebook live is that it is both current and long lasting. So it is current, in that those of your tribe who are around, available and interested can watch what you have to say as you say it. 

It is also long lasting as the recording can be saved and shared ensuring that others in your tribe and in the tribes of those who comment on your post can see it for days and longer into the future.

Like so many tools today, I think there is also value in using it as a means of generating conversations within the tribe, to enable people to ask questions and to encourage discussion.

Consistency is also a powerful tool. So if your always Facebook living at 9.30 on a Friday, you will find that your tribe will start to drop in on you as you maintain a consistent rhythm.

Ultimately the key thing is to use it as best suits you and your tribe, choose what works, give it a try and see what response you get, then adjust as appropriate. Enjoy it, it can be both enjoyable and valuable to all who will take that first step.

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    1. Jacqui – doing it has a much greater chance of success than not doing it – so yes on one level it does work.
      Like most things, once we start doing something it often gets easier to do and then we can strive for consistency.
      The key always is not to beat yourself up, if your doing something it’s better than doing nothing

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