Life is a team sport… may I unpack that a little with you?

You, like me may have heard this word of wisdom before.  I think it’s a good analogy, yet I think there is so much more to gain from it when you dig a little below the surface.

You can choose who is on your team

Sometimes we can forget this important fact.  No matter what you really can choose who is in your life.  At it’s worst there are times when we have to create a little distance between ourselves and our family members when abuse is taking place.  It is also worth taking a little time, maybe even with a pen and paper to draw out your team.  To recognise those who are with you on the field of play, those who are sitting on the bench, the back room staff who are there to go to during the breaks in the play, your fans who are there to cheer you on when you need some encouragement you, maybe even to hold you accountable and holler from the sidelines that they expect more from you.

The reason I want to suggest putting it on paper is that you may find you have forgotten some of the people who are in your support network who might benefit from knowing how much you value the imput that they have in your life.  Sometimes the people who have a significant impact on our lives will not know that unless we tell them.  It might just make their day…

You can substitute players in the middle of a game

The key word in the sentence is the word “can”. I think so often we feel that we have to muddle through with what we have.  Life is all about choices, its about changing the one and only person that we can – ourselves, and as part of that process sometimes we have to make choices about the people who’s relationship with us is serving us and those who may be dragging us down.

It’s worth remembering that when someone comes off the field of play they are not out of the game completely.  It is simply that they don’t need to be on the field of play at this time.

You may have to bring someone else onto the field at short notice.

So often we can assume people will always be with us on the field of play.  Sadly life has a way of throwing curve balls, and sometimes we need to be able to call on others.  Perhaps for those people on your field of play it’s worth taking a moment to ask what would happen if the worst happened.  In a business context this is vital from a contingency point of view and when making sure you know where projects are at.

There are people on the field of play, on the bench, in the locker room and those you train with between games

As you look at those people in your team, it is so easy to focus just on the field of play, however like all teams there are often many people who contribute to your success on the field who may never even step into the stadium.  Whether you interact with them on social media or simply only see them from time to time.

There is an opposing team

This is important to remember and to keep in proportion.  You see I do believe there is opposition, not everyone wants you to win and that is totally normal.  However they don’t get the last word!  Many many people want you to win, and when you focus on the ones who want you to win you have a much better chance on getting successfully through this thing called life.

Sooo you see…

I love the privilage of participating in peoples teams, wherever they need me, I would love to know your thoughts on the analogy and what success you have with writing your team down.

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